Response to Lincoln Journal Star Article

For over 15 years I have worked hard to serve the various groups of shooting and hunting enthusiasts in all communities I live in. In late January I met Derek Broman, discussed the untapped potential of the Nebraska market and decided to take a position with DE Guns. I share the Broman’s vision of building a world-class shooting and entertainment facility and have worked hard every day since arriving in Nebraska to accomplish this. We never discussed my non-professional past and as far as I’m concerned that isn’t relevant to my day-to-day gunsmithing. My past affiliations have nothing to do with my craft or with the level of service I provide to each customer regardless of race, gender or belief. My motto has always been “you like shooting stuff, I help you.”

I have been a staff member at De Guns since February of this year. In that time I have never witnessed any act of discrimination based on age, sex, gender identity, race or disability with customers or employees.

Over the past week, several media outlets and Internet bullies have made my personal life public. Starting with ANTIFA (Antifascist Action) a group that espouses violence against those who don’t accept their Neo-Communistic worldview. Next, it was Chris Dunken from the Lincoln Journal Star. Mr. Dunken never gave me any time to respond to his phone message. He did attempt to contact me through social media, but the article had already been published. When I replied I pointed out to him that he is not a very good reporter and that his report had not been adequately researched. Mr. Dunken and the LJS claimed that I was a member of National Vanguard, a National Alliance spin-off group and that I was Chief of Staff of this group. Both are completely wrong and shows a lack of research. Currently, National Vanguard is a webzine, and before that, it was a magazine. It was briefly a political organization but like I stated previously I was never a member. The Omaha World-Herald parroted similar inaccuracies but, to their credit, published part of a statement I made. Following my comment and a statement made by the company I worked for the World-Herald writer Micah Mertes doubled-down and continued to write that I was a member of National Vanguard – which is easy to verify as not valid. The reporters did not interview me or do a thorough job of researching facts. The article written in the Lincoln Journal Star has been copied by other newspapers and media outlets including the Omaha World-Herald. The reporters and newspapers have a political and social agenda; therefore, accuracy is second to making a bombastic headline.

The most salient fact of life in America is who controls and owns the major media. These culture-destroyers ridicule our religions and holidays, our heroes and icons, our morals and values – our traditions. Corporate control of the media and the consolidation of these platforms into media juggernauts limit free speech and expression at every level. These media giants remind us in every TV broadcast, on every TV commercial, and in the newspapers and magazines, that we have no control. The media thrive on personal attacks, half-truths and poor fact-checking.

Despite their statement, the NFOA’s Board of Directors had an agenda – to discredit DE Guns and cause it damage. The NFOA has Board members who work for our competitors, one of which is now hosting the event. The NFOA’s Board also intended to cause me personal and professional harm when they called for my employer to “consider taking appropriate personnel action to avoid damage to the reputation” I believe this statement is actionable. I plan to take appropriate action against the NFOA, and it’s Board of Directors individually.

Nebraska has 1.92 million citizens. According to one poll, 19.8% of these citizens own guns. According to another survey, 5% have Concealed carry permits. Nebraska is also 43rd in gun ownership in the US, tied with California. The NFOA bragged to the Lincoln Journal Star they have 10,000 members statewide in a state with well over 380,000 gun owners! This is nothing to be proud of and illustrates the failure of the NFOA as an organization.

Due to the authorless ANTIFA article and the weaponizing of my social media platforms, my family and friends have been threatened. My livelihood is being threatened. I have been referred to as a “Domestic Terrorist” even though I have no criminal record and have taken a public stand of zero tolerance for violence. I have held US Department of Defense security clearances and have also held a Federal Firearms License to manufacture and a Special Occupation Taxpayer (07-SOT) (Class 3). None of that mattered to the NFOA, the media or those who virtue signal.

I am a law abiding, taxpaying, working-class American. I served more than four years in the military. If you have done business with me in the past, you already know that I don’t care who you are, what you believe, what you look like, or who your God (if you have one) is or isn’t. I don’t care what you do in your home or with whom you do it. I don’t ask my co-workers these things, and I don’t ask customers about these things. I apply the same standard to all my interactions, every day.

My fellow employees at DE Guns apply this standard every day as well. They too have been attacked, belittled, intimidated and harassed. Our staff come from all walks of life but share one unifying passion – firearms. Our day-to-day work allows us to empower and enable Nebraskans of all walks of life to defend themselves and their loved ones, to participate in shootings sports or to feed their families with harvested game meat. I hope to continue building DE Guns and the pool of enthusiasts that surround us.